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Opportunities With Crypt Monkey Studios
Our current focuses at Crypt Monkey Studios are to complete testing of our first primer game, House of Possession, and building the first table top role playing game with our Burst Game System. We also have several projects planned for the near future and hope that we can line up interest for these projects as well.
We hope that if you are an artist who enjoys creating dark horror and/or fantasy pieces, you'll let us know if any of these projects interest you.
  • Crypt Monkey Mascot
    While we've only recently released our games site, we're already planning the site redesign. What could spark such a thing? Why our new mascot of course! Once the mascot is complete, this important symbol of Crypt Monkey Studios will appear on nearly everything we own and advertise with. And we will even redesign our games site to celebrate the momentous occasion. We haven't started actively looking yet, so consider this your heads up and let us know if you're interested now!
  • House of Possession – Primer Card Game
    This important project is our first primer game and has only recently entered beta testing. At the end of beta testing we will know exactly what images are required and expect to be fully at the mercy of our artists. We have actively made only a few inquiries for this project and hope that some of you will express interest before we get to the stage of aggressively looking. This project includes artwork for everything from the tuckbox to the cards and card backs. Want to draw demons and doors? Let us know!
  • Code Name: Project Moonbow
    Artists and Writers
    Once we begin releasing story information surrounding our first role playing game, we will be publishing a comic series to take place within the game's universe. Preferential consideration may be given to St. Louis, Missouri area artists and writers for this project to help make the ongoing work more streamlined. Obviously this isn't a single commission of work. Please note that this project isn't scheduled to begin until 2016 but we would like to start talking to writers by the end of 2015.
If you are interested in any of these projects, please send us a message using the Contact Us form. Be sure to include the title of the project that you're interested in - in the subject field and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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